Active Dog Month


Covering Everything You Need To Know About The Month Long Holiday That Gets You And Your Dog In Shape

April is known for many different holidays including April Fools Day, Easter Sunday, and Income Tax Day. However, one of the most important, yet underrated month-long holidays in April is Active Dog Month. Not familiar with Active Dog Month? Then look no further because Lucky Dogs & Cool Cats Pet Sitting has you covered! This article will cover everything you need to know about Active Dog Month including the history of the holiday, the overall message, and how you can keep your dog active this Summer. 

History Of The Holiday

Active Dog Month was originally founded by Natasha Thompson, blogger and creator of Om Shanti Pups. Natasha originally created this wonderful month-long holiday because she noticed her dogs were experiencing cabin fever. This was understandable considering she was living in Alaska at the time. As April marks the beginning of Spring, she wanted the entire month to be dedicated to keeping dogs active, happy, and healthy. This holiday continues today and is celebrated by dog owners all across the world. 

The Meaning Of The Holiday

As the name suggests, the purpose of this holiday is to help inspire pet owners to keep their dog more active and well exercised. Daily exercise is crucial to a dog’s health as it keeps their weight in check, gives them stimulation, and overall puts them in a better mood. Active Dog Month serves as a stepping stone to help inspire you and your dog to get outside and get some well deserved exercise. While this holiday only occurs during the month of April, the goal is to help inspire you and your dog to keep engaging in regular physical exercise and continue to stay active throughout the rest of the summer. 

The Importance Of Regular Exercise

Daily exercise is essential for every dog’s health and well being. There are many different benefits to routine exercise for your dog. Here are three of the most noticeable benefits of routine exercise for your dog.


Regular exercise helps keep dogs from becoming overweight. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, more than 50% of dogs in the U.S. are considered overweight. This is an alarming statistic as obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will help reduce the risk of more serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. 


Just like people, dogs tend to get bored from being cooped up in the house all day. Dogs need to be stimulated and sitting indoors all day simply won’t cut it. Taking your dog outside to play or for a walk is very stimulating as they get a chance to see new things, smell new smells, and even meet new people or other pets. A well stimulated dog is a happy dog. 

Better Mood:

According to Fitzroy Vet Hospital, regular physical exercise in dogs is very beneficial for their overall behavior and sociability. This is especially true when it comes to dog walks as this form of exercise gives your dog the opportunity to socialize with others. During a dog walk through the park or around the neighborhood, you will mst likely encounter other people and/or dogs. This is great for most dogs as it gives them a chance to learn more behavioral and social skills around unfamiliar people/pets. 

How To Keep Your Dog Active

The best way to keep your dog active this April and the rest of the Spring & Summer is to take them on regular walks. It’s not physically overwhelming for you or your dog and it also gives them the opportunity to go pee or poop as well. Taking them on different walking paths or even to different places (such as parks or beaches) offers them a unique and stimulating experience every time. We recommend taking your dog on a walk at least twice a day for about 10 to 20 minutes. This may vary depending upon your dog and your schedule. Do whatever you feel is best for your dog.

Hire A Dog Walker!

Your dog needs routine exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. The best way to get that exercise is through routine dog walking. Don’t always have the time to walk your dog? Then you should hire a dog walker! The dedicated dog walkers and pet sitters of  Lucky Dogs & Cool Cats Pet Sitting have you covered. We offer quality pet sitting & dog walking services at competitive prices. Click here to check out our pet sitting services and prices. We look forward to hearing from you soon and Happy Active Dog Month!

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