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Animal Pain Awareness Month

Covering The Unseen Pain That Pets Hide From Their Owners And The Month-Long Holiday That Raises Awareness About Animal Pain The month of September is filled with various pet-themed holidays. But, one of the most significant pet-themed holidays of September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Experiencing pain is not a pleasurable experience and this applies […]

Popular Social Media Cats

Covering Some Of The Most Popular Cats On Social Media We all love watching adorable videos of cats & kittens being playful, silly, and cute. However, did you know that there are famous social media cats worth millions of dollars? Turns out being adorable can be profitable! This article will discuss some of the most […]

Separation Anxiety In Cats

Covering The Condition Known As Separation Anxiety And How It Affects Our Cats Can cats experience separation anxiety? It’s a reasonable question as most people identify separation anxiety as a human disorder. However, cats experience anxiety just as much as people do, but in different ways. This article will breakdown the disorder known as separation […]

National Mutt Day

Going Over The Holiday That Promotes And Appreciates Mixed Breed Dogs, A.K.A. Mutts July 31st is widely known and celebrated for being National Mutt Day! While everyday is a good day to celebrate mixed breed dogs, they are officially celebrated twice a year on December 2nd and July 31st. The term “mutt” is used to […]

Dog Walking Essential Items

Covering Some Of Most Useful And Essential Items You Should Always Take With You During Your Dog Walks Dog walks are an essential and unavoidable aspect of being a dog owner. Every dog needs to pee, poop, and get some exercise on a daily basis. Dog walks are the best way to go about this […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Giving Some General Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Cool, Comfortable, And Safe During The Summer Heat Everyone, including your dog, is very excited about the summer season! It’s a time to embrace the warm weather, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy the outdoors. However, summer can be a difficult time of the year […]

World Pet Memorial Day

Discussing The Importance Of Remembering Our Deceased Pets And The Holiday That Honors Them Every great story has both a beginning and an ending. This is true for both us and our pets. Being a pet owner is a truly wonderful experience. However, there eventually comes a time where we must say goodbye to our […]

How To Pick The Best Toys For Your Dog

Covering The Best Dog Toys On The Market And How To Choose Which Is Best For Your Dog There is currently an overwhelming amount of dog toys on the market today. Everything you can think of from balls, to frisbees, squeak toys, interactive toys, rope toys, and more. With all of these options, it can […]

National Dog Mom’s Day

Honoring All Of The Moms Out There With Furry Four-Legged Kids Mother’s Day is a very special holiday that celebrates and honors all of the dedicated and loving moms out there. However, did you know that there is a Mother’s Day specifically for dogs? That’s right! A whole day committed to honoring and appreciating all […]