Best Dog Costumes for Halloween!

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Trick or Treat time is upon us yet again. It is not only fun to have parties, and go out with your kids for candy, but also have a “Spooktacular Time” dressing up your doggie fur baby.

The fun can go on for as long as you want in the Apex area in North Carolina, as many townships and areas can have different dates and times when “trick or treating” occurs. 

Children adore not just dressing up themselves, but in Apex, they also enjoy dressing up Fido or Fifi (insert your own dogs’ names here). The residents who invite the children to the door also enjoy animals and will most likely have treats for your dog. 

Your dog, if they have done this in previous years, will welcome the dressing up as it triggers the memory of the treats! Chances are that you even used treats to dress your doggie up before Halloween so this is generally not a problem. 

If you have a new dog or puppy then dressing up might be foreign to them but dogs in general will do anything for a treat so have that treat bag in hand. For first-time dress-ups, simple costumes will generally work the best. 

Tips on Best Dog Costumes for Halloween 

1. Hoodie-styles—Simplicity at its Best! 

The hoodie is something that most dogs take to immediately as it keeps them warm and is a slip-over type of costume. Trick-or-treat nights are cooler than the daytime so it serves two purposes. Cuteness and warmth! 

Examples of this type of costume are frog-look hoodies with frog eyeballs on the hood, bats (the wings are on the back of the hoodie,) and dinosaurs where the spikes appear on the back of the hoodies. 

Witch and warlock looks as well as vampires simply require a tie-on cape or come as a hoodie also. Don’t forget angel wings for females and devil wings for males which simply tie on under the belly or use straps! 

Some easy hoodie costumes can also be spiders but make sure the legs, which are attached to the sides do not catch or impede a dog’s walking abilities. For the first time dressing up, a hat can throw a dog off and they will rip it off usually immediately. 

Halloween backpacks can also fit the simplicity of costumes as these are useful and can carry treats. They attach with a collar usually, and the dog does not know they are there. Backpacks usually have pumpkins, spiders, and other spooky creatures embedded in them. 

easy costumes for dogs that don't impede dog walking
Shark Dog Costume

2. Advanced styles—Seasoned dogs used to being dressed up

For those dogs that are used to being dressed up, many options are only limited by your imagination. This year, because of the newly released “Little Mermaid” by Disney Productions, the mermaid costume is wildly popular for female dogs of all sizes. 

This does include a tail that is not your dog’s tail, so this is best for dogs that do not mind putting on any type of outerwear. You can also dress up your children as other characters, and have a whole “Little Mermaid” theme. Your neighbors in Apex and other nearby neighborhoods will love this! 

Ballerina looks which include a skirt on the “bum” of your pooch are still popular looks for female dogs. These can come with a headband, and other gear which adds to the look but dogs can be sensitive about their rear ends! 

They also can pull off headgear easily or it slides off so only female ultra-cooperative dogs generally can use this look. Male dogs can also be dressed up as ballerinas if your dog is gender fluid and who will know? 

A totally male look for a dog that is used to dressing can be a total werewolf look, complete with headgear, a scary clown look, again with headgear, or the “lion” look again inspired by a Disney movie, “The Lion King”. 

All these looks require headgear to ensure a complete look and only a cooperative dog will adjust usually. A scary clown is just not a clown without a wig, and a lion needs a mane. Male lions have huge manes so this headgear can be heavy and take up quite a bit of space on a dog and is better used for larger breeds. 

Conclusion on Best Dog Costumes for Halloween 

Remember that your pooch, large or small, is out to have fun. Any costume that is too clumsy, interferes with walking or relieving themselves, while out trick or treating should be avoided. 

The trick-or-treating can go on for hours and dogs can become tired. An overbearing costume will add weight to them and can tire them out easily. Consider the weight of each costume and whether you have a large dog or small dog before putting it on your pooch. 

Remember also that “fake teeth” and other implements such as fake noses can cause choking and or breathing problems for your dog. Any costume that also closes their jaws where they cannot pant or drink should also be avoided. Eye and mouth masks are definitely not to be used. 

Dogs also have moods, so have a scarf handy that says “Happy Halloween” if all else fails. Have fun, and be creative, but mix that with a lot of common sense and you and your dog will enjoy trick or treat in Apex, NC to the hilt! 

best dog costumes

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