How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Giving Some General Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Cool, Comfortable, And Safe During The Summer Heat Everyone, including your dog, is very excited about the summer season! It’s a time to embrace the warm weather, bask in the sunshine, and…

Active Dog Month

Covering Everything You Need To Know About The Month Long Holiday That Gets You And Your Dog In Shape April is known for many different holidays including April Fools Day, Easter Sunday, and Income Tax Day. However, one of the most important,…

National Pet Month

Covering Everything You Need To Know About The Month Long Holiday That Honors Companion Animals Out of all the month-long pet themed holidays, this is one of the best! National Pet Month is a holiday that commemorates and celebrates our…

National Professional Pet Sitters Week

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Discussing The Week That Celebrates Professional Pet Sitters The first full week of March is known and celebrated as National Professional Pet Sitters Week! It is a week long pet themed holiday that aims to appreciate and recognize pet sitters…

Best Dog Costumes for Halloween!

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Trick or Treat time is upon us yet again. It is not only fun to have parties, and go out with your kids for candy, but also have a “Spooktacular Time” dressing up your doggie fur baby. The fun can go on for as long as you want…
Which is the better pet

Which is the Better Pet-Cats or Dogs?

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The debate between cats and dogs being the “better” pet has been going on for as long as any one of us can remember. The truth is, it can be an individual choice based on the personality of an individual or even a living situation. To…

Why hire a NAPPS Certified pet sitter over someone who just calls themselves a pet sitter?

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There are many pet sitters available these days.  Just look on-line and google Pet Sitting and you  will get bombarded by tons of pet sitters and pet sitting companies and sites.  But what's the difference between a pet sitter and a NAPPS Certified pet sitter?