All of a sudden, the animal shelters are being swamped by kittens! That is why they call it “Kitten Season”. But what a wonderful time to be looking to adopt, especially during this pandemic. Consequently, this pandemic has impacted people in a negative way and they are depressed and lonely. However, kittens can brighten your world and bring a smile to anybody’s face! With everybody hunkering down and spending lots of time at home it’s the perfect time to adopt a kitten or maybe even two. Many of the local shelters have an abundant supply but being a volunteer at the Goathouse in Pittsboro I happen to know of quite a few in need of forever homes! For example, one or two that come to mind because I was just entering data on them is a little orphan kitty named Spitfire and his buddy Versace!

Spitfire is a beautiful white and orange kitty. He was found as a stray kitten and as a result, he was a bit feisty when he got to the Refuge but SpitFire was taken in to foster care by a very nice couple along with some other kittens that he has grown very fond of. Despite his rough beginning, his foster mom reports that he is a sweet kitty who has never been hesitant to play-attack with his three older buddies! Spitfire’s favorite thing is toy mice! Therefore, he likes carrying them around, growling at them, dunking them in his water bowl, and hiding them in paper bags!

Spitfire in his favorite position.

He is adorable and prefers to be carried around on his back. Spitfire warms up to people very quickly and will adapt well to a new home especially if he were adopted with one of his buddies

like Versace who is Spitfire’s buddy! He is a sweet, soft tabby with light gray and white fur and dark gray stripes.  He has a little white on his face, chin, and bib and the tips of his front paws and his back left feet are totally white.  He and his two siblings, Vendi and Chanel 2, were rescued and cared for by a very nice lady who then brought them to the refuge when they could eat on their own.  All 4 are being taken care of in a foster home by a couple who are very nice people.

Versace just can’t get enough of looking cute!

Versace’s foster mom reports that he is an all-around awesome cat and that he loves to cuddle on laps and can’t seem to get enough petting! Looks like he may be one of those much sought after lap cats! He is very enthusiastic about playtime and often “chirps” at his toys and siblings. His favorite toy is crinkled packing paper. He is fearless and smart, making him a very curious and silly kitty. Versace would be a happy kitty if he could be adopted with SpitFire, or with another kitty near his age so that he will always have a feline companion and playmate.

Versace trying to look cute and succeed!

If you are interested in meeting these two little darling kitties please make an appointment with the Goathouse. During these uncertain times it is a requirement to make an appointment and wear a mask!

A long time ago when I was a kid we had a stray cat that adopted us and his name was “Kitty”.   I know, you’re thinking how original, but you can thank my brother Ron for that name. I was just happy to finally have a cat to call my own.

In addition, we also had a beloved dog named “Tina.” Tina went everywhere with us so finding someone to care for the dog while we were gone just didn’t happen. As a result, if Tina couldn’t go we just didn’t go. But Kitty, on the other hand, never went with us so we would have our neighbor come over and give Kitty some dry food, water and scoop her box each day while we were gone.

Well, times have changed! Our American Society today lives a different life. Millennials are much higher tech and they travel thousands of miles on business trips and vacations on a regular basis. In addition, they have many different goals than I had when I was younger. The millennial generation in today’s society lives as single adults living alone or, couples that are postponing having a family. For this reason, they have instead opted to have pets instead of children and they treat their pets like they would their children. Many millennials live in apartments instead of homes with backyards. Consequently, they have opted for cats that are more apartment-friendly than dogs are.  Thus, our cats have become highly pampered and very well cared for.

For this reason, I highly recommend looking for a cat or pet sitter who is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and, is insured and bonded. You will get a professional! Someone that knows the signs to look for in your cat and within your home to ward of signs of illness and possible maintenance and crime threats in your absence.

Why Cats would rather stay in the comfort of their own home!

Cat enjoying himself while his owners are gone
A little to the left please!
  1. Cats are territorial and their home is their territory.  Thus, it is much less stressful for your cat to stay in the comfort of their own home. For example, they know where the safe places are to hide and they are the master of their territory!
  2. Today’s world has a very frightening rise in crime! As a result, when you leave your home unattended you leave a prime target for burglars. When you have a qualified professional that is checking on your home and loved ones in your absence, it relieves a tremendous amount of anxiety and guilt that you may feel for leaving your fur baby all alone. Consequently, you are able to relax and enjoy yourself while you are away!
  3. A cat sitter provides companionship and love to your fur baby while you are away.
  4. Cat sitters are able to administer medications that can’t be missed.
  5. Cat sitters can offer other services such as yard/plant care, mail, and package retrieval. In addition, they can clean-up the occasional vomit (which is highly likely) on expensive floors and furniture.
  6. Cat and pet sitters are often less expensive than choosing to take your cat to a boarding facility.

In short, cats are creatures of habit and simply love to stay in their own home territory. They are able to stay in their normal routine and eat their normal diet. Being in their own home means they will be as happy and content as they possibly can be and that is the key concept while we are away. Ultimately, we want our beloved pets to be as happy and as comfortable as possible while we’re gone.

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