Why hire a NAPPS Certified pet sitter over someone who just calls themselves a pet sitter?

There are many pet sitters available these days.  Just look on-line and google Pet Sitting and you  will get bombarded by tons of pet sitters and pet sitting companies and sites.  But what’s the difference between a pet sitter and a NAPPS Certified pet sitter? The difference is that anybody can list themselves on a pet care site and call themselves a pet caregiver. They don’t have to be licensed or registered or go through any kind of training.

This article by Grit Daily about an Atlanta resident with a 12-year-old Japanese Chin that couldn’t see very well ended tragically when this pet parent used someone that was not a professional. Her beloved Japanese Chin tragically fell 2 stories while in the care of a pet caregiver that was not a professional.

For pet parents who are serious about giving their pets the best possible care while they can’t be there for their pets, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters has developed a Certification course that prepares serious pet sitters for just about any kind of emergency that may come up with just about any kind of pet.  They cover all the relevant topics that a pet sitter needs to know such as pet care, health, nutrition, pet safety, pet business topics and pet behavior issues for a variety of different animals as well as pet first aide to include Pet CPR.

So this should answer the question of the difference between a pet sitter and a NAPPS Certified pet sitter. The NAPPS Certification acknowledges that the pet sitter is a responsible, knowledgeable professional that has obtained a high level of expertise to make sure your pets are taken care of in your absence.  Don’t find yourself in the situation that the pet parent in Atlanta found herself in the Grit Daily article.  Just click on the link below for more information and the benefits of being a pet parent that has joined the The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to find out about the NAPPS Member Benefits.

To find a professional pet sitter in your area click on this link


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  1. Pankaj Kohli
    Pankaj Kohli says:

    Thank you for sharing this, as I always prefer hiring a pet sitter, but the hassle that I’ve been through was finding a professional pet sitter who loves our pets as much as we do and having a certified pet sitter can give clarity that they are genuine.


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