Kitten Season!

Spitfire is a beautiful white and orange kitty. He was found as a stray kitten and as a result, he was a bit feisty when he got to the Refuge but SpitFire was taken in to foster care by a very nice couple along with some other kittens that he has grown very fond of. Despite his rough beginning, his foster mom reports that he is a sweet kitty who has never been hesitant to play-attack with his three older buddies! Spitfire’s favorite thing is toy mice! Therefore, he likes carrying them around, growling at them, dunking them in his water bowl, and hiding them in paper bags!

He is adorable and prefers to be carried around on his back. Spitfire warms up to people very quickly and will adapt well to a new home especially if he were adopted with one of his buddies like Versace who is Spitfire’s buddy! He is a sweet, soft tabby with light gray and white fur and dark gray stripes. He has a little white on his face, chin, and bib and the tips of his front paws and his back left feet are totally white. He and his two siblings, Vendi and Chanel 2, were rescued and cared for by a very nice lady who then brought them to the refuge when they could eat on their own. All 4 are being taken care of in a foster home by a couple who are very nice people.

Versace’s foster mom reports that he is an all-around awesome cat and that he loves to cuddle on laps and can’t seem to get enough petting! Looks like he may be one of those much sought after lap cats! He is very enthusiastic about playtime and often “chirps” at his toys and siblings. His favorite toy is crinkled packing paper. He is fearless and smart, making him a very curious and silly kitty. Versace would be a happy kitty if he could be adopted with SpitFire, or with another kitty near his age so that he will always have a feline companion and playmate.

If you are interested in meeting these two little darling kitties please make an appointment with the Goathouse. During these uncertain times it is a requirement to make an appointment and wear a mask!