In an effort to keep visitors informed we’ve compiled a list of pet and cat resources, specialty websites, cat organizations, and businesses to help you in the care of your cats and pets. Helping to keep your pets and family healthy and happy is our goal! We hope you will find the information valuable.

    Enhance Your Feline and Small Animal Pet knowledge by checking out some of these informative blogs and websites.

    Popular Blogs provide interesting insights about cats and other pets. They often contain expert cat care tips and reviews on special products and services. Some of the popular blogs can be amusing and entertaining.

    Cat Tales Café’ – Is a two-story space on Franklin Street and it’s home to 12 cats who are waiting for their perfect person. Because it’s a low-stress, free-roaming environment it lets the kitties be themselves. Consequently, their true personalities shine which increases their chances of finding their perfect human match. It’s a win for adopters, a win for the kitties, and a win for overburdened shelters! Even if you’re not looking to adopt, just by being in the Cat Lounge you help to socialize the kitties and support the mission of the cafe. Thus, if you love cats, cats love attention, and the extra attention helps the cats find loving homes, it’s a win-win situation for all! 

    Caroline’s Cats blog provides honest product reviews and insights from a Cat Mom.

    The “Cat Blogosphere provides daily blog links regarding a variety of cat topics.

    Chirpy Cats provides purrspective regarding DIY cat hacks, behavior training, cat time enrichment, and fun.

    Purrington Post is an award winner Best Cat Blogs of 2018. Features variety of Cat Lifestyle topics. To check out these blogs. Click on the links.

    Specialty Websites 

    Specialty websites are a great place to obtain expert pet care tips for your cat and small animal pets.

    Cat Kingpin – Whether it be information about Cat Behavior, Products, Diet, or Care, Cat Kingpin is the #1 Informational Resource and Free Community for Cat Lovers.

    Catster, former Cat Fancy Magazine, website has everything you what to know about cats. Their motto “Live with Cattitude”

    PetMD is an authored and approved website. Get professional expert advice regarding your pet.

    Vetstreet celebrates the joy pets bring into our lives. They educate pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets healthy and happy.  

    PetPlace offers real-life health tips and pet care for Cats, Dogs, Fish, Reptiles and small pets. The Pet Place website provide expert information so pets may live a happier and healthier life.

    The Jackson Galaxy Project – created to improve the lives of animals and help the people who care for them.

    Dog, Cat & Pet Clubs, Shows and Organizations

    The Cat Fanciers’ Association

    American Cat Fanciers Association – CFA –

    The International Cat Association – TICA –

    Western Carolina Dog Fancier’s Association –

    American Kennel Club –

    Local Rescues & Cat Only Shelters

    There are many Rescue Groups throughout Wake, Durham & Chatham County. By all means, this is not a complete list of them all but it is a list of the ones I am most familiar with. Rescues are staffed by volunteers who do great work caring for cats, dogs, and other small animals till they find their furrever home.

    Second Chance Pet Adoptions –

    Goathouse Refuge –

    SPCA of Wake County –

    Best Friend Pet Adoptions –