Cat Sitting

Happy Cats, Unbeatable Cat Sitting = Cool Cats!

With Cool Cats Professional Cat Sitting, we love cats and they are our passion! As a result, your cat will find the care, attention and playtime they need while you are away all in the comfort of their own home and territory. We offer cat sitting and small pet sitting services in Apex, Cary and surrounding areas. Firstly, we make sure your pet gets plenty of fresh water, food and a clean litter box. Secondly, we spend however much time it takes to give your cat the attention and love that they crave. Whether that means playtime, petting, brushing or whatever your cat enjoys that’s what we do!

What’s Included....

Cat Sitting visits are generally around 30 minutes but if it takes longer than that to make sure your kitty is happy and your home is secure there is no additional charge. Visits include:

  • Cleaned bowls
  • Provide food and water for your pets
  • Clean the litter box
  • Administration of required meds, supplements, vitamins
  • Lots of loving attention to your pets
  • Clean up any pet-related messes
  • Basic grooming/brushing, exercising and playing with them

At No Additional Charge....

  • Looking after other small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds and reptiles
  • Bring in the mail and newspaper
  • Water the plants
  • Rotate the lights
  • Check locks and security systems
  • Take trash can to curb and back again
  • Other minor household tasks as requested/needed

See if we are good fit for your pet family!