Our Services and Rates

Happy Pets, Unbeatable Pet Sitting = Lucky Dogs & Cool Cats

What we offer your pet with Lucky Dogs & Cool Cats  Pet Sitting! We love pets and they are our passion! As a result, your pet will find the care, attention, and playtime they need while you are away all in the comfort of their own home and territory. We offer pet sitting and small pet sitting services in Apex, Cary, and surrounding areas. First, we make sure your pet gets plenty of fresh water, food, and a clean litter box or access to the outside. Secondly, we spend however much time it takes to give your pet the attention and love that they crave. Most importantly, at every visit they get lots of love and pets, playtime, brushing or whatever your pet enjoys that’s what we do!

What we offer the pet parent! We offer the pet parent peace of mind. At every visit you will get a professional, first rate staff member that genuinely loves animals! We have reasonable and competitive rates and we will customize your service just for you, giving you unsurpassed personal service with outstanding communication and follow-up. We continually educate our staff and provide you with the leading edge software for communication with our clients.