Which is the better pet

Which is the Better Pet-Cats or Dogs?

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Which is the better pet
Which is the better pet

The debate between cats and dogs being the “better” pet has been going on for as long as any one of us can remember. The truth is, it can be an individual choice based on the personality of an individual or even a living situation.

To muddy the waters, even more, many individuals cannot decide and have both cats and dogs who live together happily for a lifetime. So it is not an easy question to answer.

Both cats and dogs give owners unconditional love and are the top choice for a pet in developed countries. There are reasons some individuals must choose or seek to choose one type of pet over another.

Some breeds of dogs and some breeds of cats are also chosen because of living situations where a certain breed can adapt better to some environments. This applies to both dogs and cats.

dog waiting to go out

4 Reasons Why Cats Can be the Better Choice for a Pet

1. Busy lives

Some individuals travel a lot for their jobs or work long hours each day. Cats are for the most part self-sustaining. While they do like companionship (on THEIR terms), they can be happy just chilling all day without being walked or let out to do their “business” as the litter box is there.

2. Space Saving

Cats can be easier to keep in a smaller space. While they do love to run and jump like dogs, cat towers, cat trees, and other things such as window perches will keep them happy even in a cramped space. Even smaller dogs need room to run, especially outdoors.

3. Cats look exotic

No matter what the breed of cat, any cat has a look and a stare that simply melts cat lovers’ hearts. They look “wily” and while some dogs have an exotic look the eyes do not show the mischief that resides within generally. Cats are also independent, and this shows in their faces and their actions.

Dogs can be silly and fun too but cats, as witnessed by all the videos online can really get into some very laughable antics, as they do climb on anything and have that “curiosity killed the cat” syndrome!

4. Long life span

Many dogs can live anywhere from 10 to 20 years of age, but on average the life span of a dog is 10-13 years. The average life span for a cat on the other hand is 12-18 years and can go over the 20-year mark. Cat owners do not face the heartbreak of losing a family member as often as dog owners.

Exotic looking cat
exotic looking cats

4 Reasons Dogs Can be the Better Choice for a Pet

1. Travel companions

You may find a cat that enjoys car rides or riding in a bicycle basket, but these are few and far between. Most dogs absolutely love car rides and smaller dogs love to be pushed in a stroller or ride around with an owner on their bicycle.

This is why some individuals do prefer dogs as a dog is a constant companion if a dog owner wants them to be!

2. Exercise Companions

If an individual is very sports-minded, a dog will indeed do the trick. Even small dogs love to learn to fetch, catch frisbees, or play chase in a yard or park. Cats, well, they love exploration but not exploring with an owner, or of course, do not enjoy roughhousing outdoors or playing with an owner.

3 Pack Mentality

While cats can hang out and chill with you, it is on their terms. Dogs usually come when called and try harder to fit in with their “human pack.” Cats show a great deal of love too but as usual, it is on their own terms.

Dogs will adjust to an owner’s lifestyle such as sleep and wake habits quicker than a cat will. A cat will sleep when they want and wake when they want (sometimes when an owner is going to bed)!

4. Guarding abilities

Dogs can naturally guard their owners and their properties. Even small dogs take affront with any intruders or strangers and many individuals pick dogs solely for the guard dog abilities.

A barking dog alone can scare off an intruder or alert an owner of suspicious activities or noises.

Pack Mentality
Guard Dog

FAQs on Which is the Better Pet-Cats or Dogs

1. I have no preference. I own both. Am I odd?

Not at all. Many individuals love both dogs and cats. Both are cute, furry, intelligent, and loveable so, it is natural to be attracted to both.

2. I have a dog and wish to own a cat. Will they accept each other?

Introduce them slowly but after a while, many become best buddies. If they do not they will simply avoid one another. It is a great idea to take the introduction slowly though to prevent a battle or an injury to either. 

3. If I go away who will look after my dogs and/or my cats?

Cat sitters and dog sitters exist but make sure they are accredited and have all background checks.

4. I work a lot. Should I just never have a dog as I have no time to walk it?

Not at all. Just make arrangements for a dog walker to come in a few times a day depending on your dog’s needs. Puppies will need to be let out more often as well as older dogs and dogs must burn off energy as we stated previously.

Which is the better pet-cats or dogs?
dog vs cat best buddies
Dog Walking

Conclusion: Which is the Better Pet-Cats or Dogs?

The truth is that both pets are delightful. It’s a tough choice with many individuals owning both. Much depends on your personal preference, your own work and home life, and the place where you reside.

Dogs can take more time than cats as walking is needed but getting a good dog walker on board is a great solution.

Cat sitters will allow your kitties to stay home alone when you travel or are gone so this also is a solution to the problem of cats not liking to leave home.

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